zondag 8 april 2012

Deelnemer 28 - Roroism

Roroism is a self employed jewelry designer and maker, Ethnographer- Cultural Anthropologist and Fashion Studies disciple. Originally she's from Poland and lives in Luxemburg right now.
Her jewelry and accessories are mostly inspired by Centro-European folk and traditional ethnic design, as well as with nature and floral motives of Scandinavia.

Roroism makes mainly hand-cut, hand-stitched and embroidered felt pins - Folk Flowers, Pansies and Anemones; mixed media  textile / ribbon / crocheted necklaces; casual chic home-made flower cabochon stud earrings.

This season you can expect a lot of linen / cotton thread crochet work combined vintage textile flowers and and home-baked kiln eye candies from Roroism.

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